Go Track is a versatile infrastructure company whose main areas of activities comprise the building of transport infrastructure, mechanical engineering and machinery repair. Our mission is to create with our work a secure high-quality transport infrastructure by using smart solutions.

For us, transport infrastructure does not only mean railways, but the entire infrastructure used mostly for transportation, be it roads and tracks used by trains or bicycles; or lines where energy, data and signals move; or water and sewerage pipes or drains; or parking spaces for cars.

We have the skills and competences advanced at managing and organising works, building railways and communications systems and protection equipment, access roads, parking spaces and cycle and pedestrian roads and performing soil and earth work. Our employees are professionals of their specific fields who have versatile work experience and the development of their knowledge and skills is our everyday activity. We focus of project management.

We own machinery and equipment necessary for the operation in this area of activity. And we use the machinery and equipment of our partners in works that require more specific resources. It often occurs that similar works vary due to nuances and performing these works requires different work movements or different equipment. In order to achieve these challenges, we build the necessary equipment ourselves on our workshop. We design and repair the machinery and equipment that construction companies require. Since we use the same equipment ourselves every day then technical improvement of these is also our everyday task.

Go Track has been assigned the quality management certificate ISO 9001 that serves as a quality guarantee of our work.