Toompuiestee 37, Tallinn

Mechanical engineering and metal work

Construction of end-effectors for construction vehicles and machines

We use our workshop to construct and repair machines and equipment that assist us in construction work. The technical improvement of such machines and equipment constitutes day-to-day work for us since we use said machines and equipment every day. When commissioned to do so, we manufacture the following for work machines: excavator railway equipment to enable running on rails, light-weight trailers for transportation of materials on rails, equipment for the installation of concrete sleepers, equipment units for replacing sleepers, digger buckets, snow sweepers for excavators, trolleys and locomotives.

We also install the equipment on machines if necessary. Coming up with answers in situations where routine solutions do not work and it is necessary to create a new kind or modify existing equipment poses an interesting challenge for us.

Railway rolling stock repairs

We have undertaken large-scale rolling stock repairs. We have repaired trolleys, ballast spreaders and ballast tampers-trackliners during major repairs. Our employees have long-standing experience in repairing rolling stock power units (engines, gear-boxes) and in testing and repairing the hydraulic, electronic, laser speed measuring and electrical systems of railway construction machinery.

Manufacturing and installation of pipe rails

We manufacture and install pipe rails, which are primarily used as guards for roads and sideways. Our workshop has manufactured rails, ramps, stairs and guard-rails, as well as waiting shelters, for a number of passenger platforms at Estonian railway stations.

Equipment containers

We manufacture and install containers for electronic, electric and other necessary equipment. The containers are equipped with a reinforced door and a heating and cooling device for maintaining the temperature needed for the devices.