Optional equipment for excavators

Manufacturing optional equipment for excavators

In our workshop, we design, manufacture and repair optional equipment for excavators and offer installation service, if required. All orders are manufactured as a custom order according to the requirements of the customer. Coming up with smart solutions in situations where routine solutions do not work and it is necessary to create new or modify existing equipment poses an interesting challenge for us. We also use the equipment we have made ourselves in railway construction, which is why its technical improvement is our daily work. Contact us and let us know your requirements!

We manufacture the following made-to-order optional equipment:

Railway equipment makes it possible for a wheel excavator to travel on the railway track with a gauge specified by the customer and to carry out various railway repairs and maintenance work using different attachments (changing sleepers, moving soil, cutting brushwood, removing snow, etc.). Optional equipment consists of steering wheels with the profile of the railway track and a steel frame operated by means of four hydraulic cylinders. Foot protectors have been added to the wheels for safety.

The travelling speed of the excavator on the railway is the same as the speed specified by the manufacturer on the road.

Railway equipment can be ordered with or without installation and, if required, the gauge can be adjustable.


  • Steering wheel diameter 440 mm
  • Weight approx. 1,200 kg

The device is used for the installation of pre-stacked concrete sleepers directly on the track bed or for the construction of a track skeleton at the yard. Depending on the type of device, up to 8 sleepers can be installed in a single operation. The minimum weight of the working machine per a single sleeper to be installed must be at least 2,600 kg. The characteristic diagram for installing sleepers is adjustable.

  • Required pressure in the hydraulic system 120 bar
  • Required output of the hydraulic system 60 l/min
  • Length approx. 2,400 … 4,700 mm
  • Width approx. 2,900 / 3,100 mm
  • Height approx. 950 mm
  • Weight 600…1,200 kg
  • Quick coupler NTP10 or as per the requirement of the customer

For loading and handling rails in the working area. The rollers allow the rail to be handled without damaging it. In certain cases, a wheel excavator equipped with railway equipment can also use the track to be handled to travel forward. For the most efficient use of the roller grip, the working machine must be equipped with a so-called rototilt device.

  • Required pressure in the hydraulic system 280 bar
  • Length approx. 1,200 mm
  • Width approx. 700 mm
  • Height approx. 900 mm
  • Weight approx. 480 kg
  • Maximum rail length 150 m
  • Quick coupler NTP10 or as per the requirement of the customer.

We manufacture different digging buckets and grapples for a variety of jobs.

Grab bucket-grapple

Multi-functional tool for minor excavation work, for digging out sleeper units when replacing a single sleeper and for handling rails and sleepers.

  • Max permitted pressure in the hydraulic system 240 bar
  • Required output of the hydraulic system 80 l/min
  • Height approx. 1,300 mm
  • Width of the closed bucket 800 mm
  • Width of the open bucket 1,200 mm
  • Digging depth 650 mm
  • Max width of the bucket side plate 300 mm
  • Quick coupler NTP10 or as per the requirement of the customer.

Lifting frame of sleepers

For various loading and stacking jobs of concrete sleepers. The device is available for a wheel and crawler excavator, depending on the weight to be moved in one operation.

  • Length approx. 3,000 mm
  • Width max. 2,200 mm
  • Height approx. 950 mm
  • Weight approx. 500 kg
  • Quick coupler NTP10 or as per the requirement of the customer.

We manufacture brushes for excavators with resistant plastic brushes to clear the snow from rail switches, station tracks and platforms. The working range of the brushes is flexible and wide, so they can be used on rail as well as on other soil. The equipment is easily interchangeable and can also be used for simpler gravel brushing operations.

  • Required pressure in the hydraulic system 240 bar
  • Required output of the hydraulic system 160-180 l/min.
  • Width 3,000 mm
  • Working width 2,550 mm
  • Attachment diameter 700-900 mm
  • Weight approx. 500 kg
  • Quick coupler NTP10 or as per the requirement of the customer.

Trailers for excavators are designed for more convenient handling of construction materials on site.

Small trailer

A small trailer allows the transport of various materials of superstructure by rail: sleepers, tools and equipment. The device is easy to move.

  • Length 3,000 mm
  • Width 2,000 mm
  • Height 450 mm
  • Weight approx. 600 kg
  • Load capacity 5,000 kg

Big trailer

The large trailer is intended, among other things, for the transport of old soil, gravel and similar bulk material, both by rail and elsewhere. The trailer can be tilted on three sides and is equipped with inertia brakes. The tilt functions of the trailer are controlled either manually or via the control unit. The trailer is legal to move on the road.

  • 2 axles
  • Coupling device with bolt fastening
  • Hydraulically opening side panels
  • Net weight of a trailer 4,000 kg
  • Diameter of steering wheels D 440 mm
  • Maximum authorized mass by rail 16,000 kg
  • Maximum authorized mass on road 8,000 kg
  • Internal dimensions of the body: length 4,000 mm, width 2,500 mm, height 800 mm
  • Load capacity by rail 15,000 kg
  • Load capacity on road 5,000 kg

In addition to the main products, we manufacture additional equipment for excavators as per the request of the customer.

Rail track installation rollers

Rail track installation rollers make the rail removal comfortable and smooth in the working area.


A trolley with plastic wheels is a compact and light tool for transporting tools and material comfortably by railway for shorter distances. Load capacity 250 kg.

Contra protection rail

A contra protection rail made from 8 mm cold-rolled steel sheet for level crossings and pedestrian crossings. We manufacture according to different rail types and the width of railway bridges.

Repair and modernisation of rolling stock

We are carrying out large-scale repair and modernisation work of rolling stock. In our plant we have performed major repairs for trolleys, ballast spreaders and ballast tampers-trackliners (Plasser Theurer, VPR). Our employees have long-standing experience in repairing rolling stock power units (engines, gear-boxes) and in testing and repairing the hydraulic, electronic, laser speed measuring and electrical systems of railway construction machinery.

Construction of equipment containers and other metal work

We manufacture and install containers for electronic, electrical, etc. equipment. The containers are equipped with a reinforced door and a heating and cooling device for maintaining the temperature needed for the devices. In addition we manufacture and install pipe rails, which are primarily used as guards for roads and sideways. Our workshop has manufactured rails, ramps, stairs and guard-rails and waiting shelters for a number of passenger platforms at Estonian railway stations.