About the company

Go Track is an infrastructure company founded in 2005. We are one of the largest railway construction companies in Estonia with around 100 employees. Our main areas of activity include the construction, repair and maintenance of railways, construction of traffic management systems and mechanical engineering and repair work. In addition to Estonia we also provide our services in Finland. Go Track is a subsidiary of Go Group, which comprises several transport, tourism, engineering and real estate companies. Go Group companies employ almost 900 people all over Estonia.

GoTrack OÜ

Construction, repair and
maintenance of railways

Go Track’s main operating area includes railway construction and repair. We have long-standing experience and extensive skills in the field as well as the special machinery and equipment necessary for the work.

Construction of safety
and traffic systems

We perform automation works on level and pedestrian crossings. Our communications engineers have installed warning traffic lights and barriers on a number of level crossings around Estonia.

Manufacturing optional
equipment for excavators

In our workshop, we design, manufacture and repair optional equipment for excavators and offer installation service, if required. All orders are manufactured as a custom order according to the requirements of the customer.

Engineering railways
and railway facilities

Expert opinions. Supervision. Consultation. We provide engineering, expert opinion, supervisory and consultation services for customers. We are experienced in engineering railway infrastructure objects, communications lines, automation solutions of level crossings as well as railway traffic management systems.