Construction of safety and traffic systems

Engineering and construction of railway level crossings

We engineer and construct level and pedestrian crossings. We have engineered and constructed relay-based and controller-based level crossings with both barriers and traffic lights to ensure safety. We have installed new signal lights based on very reliable LED technology at several stations, ensuring better visibility for rolling stock drivers and thereby increasing railway safety.

Automation of train traffic management

We have automated traffic management at a number of railway stations. During works we have installed actuators and heaters on manual switch blades and performed the necessary installation and adjustment work to allow switch blades to be integrated with the traffic management system of the station. Additionally, we have modernised the traffic management system with a relay-based management set-up by turning it into a controller-based management system, wherein we also performed both engineering and construction work.

Engineering and construction of cable conduits

We have great experience with the engineering and construction of cable conduits. Our machines and employees have installed cable conduits and wires around railway stations as well as between stations.