Construction, repair and maintenance of railways

Railway renovation

We have long-term experience with railway renovations. We make use of a range of technology, choosing the optimal solution for every situation. We employ experienced employees and use the necessary machinery for railway renovation and construction on a daily basis, including wagons, cranes, trackliners-ballast tampers, ballast spreaders and rolling stocks.

Railway maintenance

Our day-to-day activities include railway maintenance. Our maintenance teams have been given the appropriate training and have been equipped with all of the necessary hand-held tools. We also perform maintenance work on railway communication and safety systems.

Construction of level crossings and pedestrian crossings

We have constructed level crossings and pedestrian crossings with wooden pavement, asphalt, rubber and concrete slabs. Our skills in engineering and constructing communication and safety systems also allow us to install barriers and automatic traffic light signalling systems on level crossings.

Thermite welding of rails

By welding rails together, we can prolong their life-span and enable rolling stock to move in a smoother and less noisy manner. Rail welding requires excellent professional skills and experience. Welders must also be familiar with the technology used to release the stress on the rails in order to avoid excessive expansion and contraction in heat and cold. Our thermite welders have long-term work experience and are specialists in their field, having welded thousands of rails in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.